Setup a Multiroom Speaker System

The idea of streaming music around separate rooms in your home is now very easy due to the variety of technologies and technical solutions, but choosing the right system can be incredibly difficult for the same reason.

There are not only several companies offering different sets or separate devices, but there are also many platforms offering different experiences and compatibility with different music services.How to set up multi room audio?2

What is multiroom?

It is a simple concept when the music streamed to a wireless multiroom audio system can come from streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music, or from your own personal record library stored on local memory, whether on a NAS disc, your computer, a CD or even vinyl — with the right configuration of course.

Multiroom audio systems tend to be controlled using an application on Android or iOS devices. In addition to ensuring that a power supply is nearby and that you have your smartphone with appropriate software, then the speakers can be positioned wherever you want in your home, but all of them should be connected to the same network. Naturally, you will need at least one speaker in each room where you want to listen to music.How to set up multi room audio?3


The first what you need is the source of the sound. Often these are a / v receivers, as they offer a wide selection of wireless technologies for multi-room systems. But here there are some nuances. The set of wireless protocols varies from the class of the receiver, and if with a budget configuration the best Onkyo AV receiver will be a great option with a basic set of functions for the multiroom (Wi-FI, AirPlay, Heos), then for a wider functionality you will have to pay extra.

The source is obviously responsible for providing the music stored locally or audio streaming (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Tune in, etc.) when this function is offered.

Next, place your wireless speakers or network audio players connected to your HiFi speakers in your rooms. Then connect them with the source.

Through your local network, you control all your speakers directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You start your music on one or more speakers. Each listening point can be independent to play music or group with several speakers for synchronized broadcasting.

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